The 20th Century in Fashion

The 20th century delivered many of the fashionable trends that are being utilized today. Many of the trends from this era were influenced by the popular culture of the time. From the Teddy boys of the 1950s to the grunge culture of the 1990s, every decade shows a natural progression and scheme of change within popular fashion.

Rocking the Look

1950s: A popular trend in the 50s was Teddy boy clothing. Influenced by the popular musicians of the time, this style incorporated drape jackets, dark shades and drainpipe trousers.

1960s: Peace and love was set to influence another shift in 20th century trends. Loose fitting tie dye t shirts and bell bottom jeans became fashionable, as did the use of paisley prints, in ‘Hippie’ clothing.

1970s: Punk and rock music helped to dictate another new emerging style in the 70s. Tight ripped jeans and modified shirts were part of the look, and accessories included unconventional items such as safety pins, padlocks, and chains.

Sharp Suits

1980s: This was a decade that saw the introduction of the new romantics to the fashion world. This style was sharper and cleaner in its approach, with tight fitting shirts and smart, slightly loose fitting trousers being part of the look.

1990s: The grunge era introduced another trend influenced by the popular culture of the time. Oversized jumpers, and loose fitting ripped, customized jeans became part of this fashion revolution.

One of the recurring themes from the 1970s onwards is the prevalent influence of punk within fashion culture. The next decade brought new romantic, which was certainly inspired by punk, some of the hairstyles that accompany this style are a testament to this fact. In the 90s, the whole grunge movement was also massively influenced by punk, the self-modified clothing and irregular matching of clothing being a punk trait before it became a grunge trait.