Dressing Smart Without Over Dressing

There is a fine line between dressing smart and over dressing. If you are able to achieve a balance between the two, you can be sure of a great look that is sure to leave an impression. Remember, if every item you are wearing is loud and screaming for attention, chances are that you are overdressed.

Some Points to Keep In Mind

A fundamental point to keep in mind is to never over-accessorize. Women may have the urge to wear that new and stunning chunky necklace with earrings that match. This can result in over dressing the face, which can quickly take the focus away from the rest of your outfit. For the best and utmost impact, wear only one adornment at a time.
Smart outfits for men ranged between dark suits, collared shirts with tie and dress slacks with tie and shirt. In case it is a formal occasion, wear a tuxedo or a fancier suit. Women have the choice between dresses, suits, skirts with chic blouse or sweater, matching blazer with slacks or the faultless little black dress. Dress boots should only be worn with long skirts and big ornamental jewelry goes best with sleek and simple garments.

Dressing Smart Isn’t That Difficult

Dressing smart is actually just a matter of common sense. If you plan and develop a smart wardrobe it will help reduce a lot of fashion faux pas. It has been seen that over dressing at times is only a simple lack of basic common sense. Common sense can safeguard you from the worst of fashion blunder and over dressing.
It is very common to judge a person only by his or her appearance and our style is a part of savoir vivre. What we wear can convey a wrong impression to others and it is imperative to be well-dressed especially during important times.
Another way to ensure that you are dressed smartly without over dressing is to match outfits with occasions. Minimalistic items sometimes make a perfect choice as dresses with too much detail can look a little chaotic and without class. Try dressing simply with basic yet stylish accessories and you can layer pieces to add curiosity.

2012 in Style

So far 2012 has been an exciting year for fashion. The high end of fashion is always pushing the boundaries of creativity and style, and this year is no different as creations become more extravagant and experimental than ever. Some of the colors and styles used in all kinds of fashion certainly represent the mood of the time we are in, and every year there are new styles and color combinations emerging that are relevant to their time.

Colorful Seasons

Colors in season this spring involve the return of the color orange. This bold and energetic color will be a top choice this spring, as bright and vibrant dress designs flood the market. The classic feminine look is also in reprisal, as neutral cream and pastel shades lend their understated sophistication to the spring collection. Pastel leather biker jackets are a pleasant surprise for this spring, available in a range of soothing colors that are relevant to this season, including blues, greens, pinks and creams.

Predictions for the colors in fashion for the approaching summer season include black and white garments; this timeless combination is a very versatile option, offering a multitude of choices for both daytime and night wear. Lace is also hotly tipped and will compliment many black and white items of clothing. Stripes are back this summer and the amount of striped clothing on the market will be huge, incorporating all of this season’s style and colors, there will be a healthy amount of choice for this recent reprisal of the trend.

Bold Statement

Fashion in 2012 still has a lot to give, with the color red bouncing back along with many other bold colors, the scope for classic style and modern style clothing is vast. Winter is set to bring dark and regal blues, tasteful pastel browns and all white outfits, and these along with tasteful floral patterns will ensure an expressive demeanor as 2012 starts to fold into 2013.