Can We Do Self Tan While We Are Pregnant? Is It Safe for Us?

Tanning is also known as sun tanning and it is a process which is done to make the darkened skin or the tanned skin lighter. This tanning is most often used as the exposure to the ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sunlight which is directly touching the skin. Some people will do tanning with the use of chemical products without being in an exposure to the ultraviolet radiation and it is called as sunless tanning. For the women with the fair complexion, tanning process will give a wonderful and a dusky shade to the person’s skin. This will give a confident to your body and will make you look brighter than the usual. But when a woman is pregnant, anything you do to your body will definitely affect the baby in one way or another way.

Can We Do Self Tan While We Are Pregnant? Is It Safe for Us?

Is tanning while pregnant is safe?

Tanning under the sun gives an exposure to the body to the ultraviolet rays. When you are going for the tanning beds, though the radiation will be same, the concentration will be higher than the sun. It is the real fact that by giving a high exposure to the UV rays will cause skin cancer or it will harm skin by causing it to the skin ageing permanently. In the early stage of pregnancy, when the baby is a month or two, the foetal formation is more vulnerable and it will be at high risk. Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation more than the normal level will definitely lead to a multiple sclerosis which will harm the baby intensely.

There are many different types of tanning options available and some of them are listed below:

  • Tanning bed
  • Bottle tanning
  • Beach tanning
  • Self tanning lotions and creams
  • Tanning pills and injections

Can We Do Self Tan While We Are Pregnant? Is It Safe for Us?

Safe self tanning lotions and creams while pregnancy

There are many safe self tanners for pregnancy is available in the market in the forms of creams and lotions. There are some lotions and creams listed below which are considered as the safe self tanners for the pregnant women and they are to be followed,

  • Kora organics gradual self-tanning lotion
  • Suntegrity 5 in 1 natural self tanner
  • The organic pharmacy self tan

Kora organics gradual self-tanning lotion

This moisturizing lotion gives you a gradual increase in the glowing of your skin after applying it for one time or a two. The ingredients in this lotion is natural which includes noni extract, rose hip and buckthorn oils, lavender, and it does not have any off-putting smell or other side effects. It gives a smoothly skin without any stickiness and will make the skin glow brighter. The DHA ingredient included in this lotion is derived from the sugar, which gives the skin a golden glow without adding any toxic substances.

Suntegrity 5 in 1 natural self tanner

This Suntegrity skincare is appeared to have a mastered holistic, herbal sun care with the non toxic SPF products which gives a natural glow to the skin. It is naturally made with the DHA which is derived from the sugar beets being mixed with many ingredients and by applying this lotion, your skin will have a bronzy glow and also it gives your skin a sun kissed look.

The organic pharmacy self tan

This is a clean, non-toxic, self tanning lotion, which is available in the online store. This lotion also used the DHA derived the sugar beets, this organic pharmacy self tam gives a soft and a glowing glow. By applying this cream continuously in a regular interval, your skin will be maintained in a perfect way. This formula smells light and it is a fresh moisturizer and you can apply it whenever you feel the tan develops on your skin. Though this lotion is little high in prize, as it is a self tanner, we can use it from home and no need to go out of the house.

Safe self tanners for pregnancy are usually the lotions which allow only 0.5% of the DHA are present in them and are being absorbed in the skin. Even when it is being absorbed to an extent, it does not harm the baby. These self tanners are also present in the form of sprays as well but this is not suggestible during pregnancy because there is a chance of the woman to get inhaled of it accidently through mouth or eyes and this may affect the baby. So this spray tans should be avoided during pregnancy as they are quite harmful.

Precautions to be followed while you self tan during pregnancy

  • You can use a DHA based creams and for the first time, you try them on a small part of the skin. After that check whether any allergic measure is being appeared on the skin. If not you can continue with the lotion or the cream.
  • You should prefer lotions and creams over the sprays, as there are chance to inhale the sprays and it will harm the baby.
  • You should be aware of fake products and it is better to consult with the doctor before choosing your tanning lotion.
  • Some tans will penetrate only the upper layer of the skin and this kind of tanning lotion is suggested for a pregnant woman to have a better result.
  • If the smell of the lotion makes you feel uncomfortable, you can go with the non- fragrance lotions as they are available in the market.

Going for a tan will give you a relaxing feel to your body and makes you emotionally better. But during pregnancy, keeping the baby safe is the foremost priority for every woman. If the tanning does not suits your body while you are pregnant, it the better to delay the tanning process and you can start once your baby is born healthy. After that you can get a regular tan and make your skin glow brighter and make you look younger.