Beauty Products: Different Styles for Different People


Much in the same way as clothing, different people like different cosmetics, makeup looks and beauty products. With the extensive range of cosmetics available on the market today, and the sheer amount of new products that seem to be advertised almost daily, the variety and range of looks that can be achieved with makeup in today’s world is vast and varied. From dewy freshness, to 50′s retro, the glam of the 80′s to minimalistic chic, each style suits very different tastes and personalities. These styles can really help to define a person, make an impression, and allow the individual to express themselves in unique and satisfying ways.

Flattering Styles

For those that like to let their clothes do the talking, or that want a natural look that flatters and goes with any outfit, there are easy ways to achieve this and a huge amount of cosmetics available to help. Neutral shades of lipstick, eye shadow and foundations can really create a solid base for this. The trick is to enhance the features and make it look as though the makeup is a minimum, even though it may be quite a lot that you are wearing. Define the eyes and cheeks subtly with delicate applications that hint at makeup rather than scream it. Try beauty samples from the August GLOSSYBOX to experiment with different styles and practice these looks.

Glamorous Styles

Those who want their makeup to stand out, make an impact or experiment with more expressive or creative looks need to invest in color, applicator brushes and the latest in new shades and products. Red lipsticks, neon, glittery, powdery eye shadows are a must, as well as gel liners in various hues are essential here. Try thick eyeliner with scarlet red lips for classic vintage appeal. Experiment with different shades of shadow over and below the eye for unique expression and try contrasting shades for really stand-out looks. Structure cheek bones with shimmery powder and bronzer to further enhance the glam factor.